Check out what our students are cooking up in GarageBand...

GarageBand is an inexpensive yet powerful app that allows anyone to jump right in and create their own songs in a matter of minutes. In our introductory lesson to GarageBand students learn the fundamentals of song creation using GB's built-in loops as a starting point.

Garageband iOS help view

Students can expect to take away from the first lesson and undertanding of;

  1. How to choose which instruments to layer and add them to the timeline.
  2. How to split instrument loops for interesting musical effects.
  3. How to create 'space' between the instruments using volume, pan, and effects.
  4. How to create an MP3 that can be sent via email or shared with the world!

Check out some samples of recent creations.


Jungle Jam

Amber (10) made this African inspired jungle beat.

Jungle_Jam .m4a.mp4
MP4 Video/Audio File 337.5 KB

Funked Out

Beth (9) cooked up this funky little groove.

Funked_Out .m4a.mp4
MP4 Video/Audio File 612.7 KB