Our Service

PianoJam 'n' Keyboard operates a mobile service so students learn on their own instrument in the safety and comfort of their own home environment


We strive to make music participation accessible by providing quality in-home tuition which is affordable.


Our business caters for ages 4 and upwards and specialises in pop/rock piano and worship styles. Our aim is to develop well-rounded musicians who can draw on a vast palette of ideas and skills to play the music they enjoy. Students don't just learn to read sheet music, but learn to play from lead sheets or chord charts, learn to improvise, learn to play by ear, learn to 'jam' with others in a band, and importantly learn to create their own arrangements.



No instrument? No problem! 


We understand that parents may be reluctant to invest in an instrument only to find out that their child loses interest within weeks. So to get things started we'll bring a quality keyboard to you. When you're ready to take the next step we'll give you advice on what keyboard to buy taking into account your budget and needs.  We can even negotiate discounts for you with a number of quality retailers!

Our Approach

We believe that music is a gift for our enjoyment and that quality tuition should be easily accessible to everyone - not just the privileged few.


Our premise is that all humans have innate musical ability which just needs to be nurtured and developed.


We employ a playing-based approach to piano and keyboard lessons which is unlike standard traditional tuition.


So what does this mean?  It means for beginning students we do not solely focus on the teaching of musical notation as a means of learning songs, rather we encourage free exploration of the keyboard, emphasising rhythmical patterns and phrases. Progressive piano teachers around the world are increasingly taking this approach to music education. It not only provides tangible results quickly but allows students to express their musicality without being bogged down reading notes on a page. 


This by no means downgrades the importance of learning to read music (which is a vital part of any musician's arsenal). But if you think about it, this approach makes a lot of sense. A toddler will first learn to speak a few simple words like 'muma' and 'dada', and then over time will learn to string these into a few simple sentences. Eventually their vocabulary increases to the point where they can express themselves freely. It's only much later they learn to read words on a page! 


We take a similar approach to teaching the piano or keyboard. Students firstly learn a few simple patterns or phrases and then learn to string these together into simple passages.  Over time their musical vocabulary increases to the point where they can draw on a vast palette of ideas and skills to create truly beautiful music.