Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to learn the piano or keyboard?

We believe the piano is a great first instrument for musical education. Here are some of our reasons.

  1. Unlike some single-note instruments the keyboard is a rhythm, harmony, and melody instrument. This means students gain an understanding of all 3 primary elements of music.
  2. The keyboard is laid out in a logical manner with notes ascending in pitch from bottom to top making it easy to understand.
  3. It's relatively easy to sound a note - this is particularly helpful for little hands!
  4. Acoustic pianos have fairly stable tuning. Digital keyboards do not require tuning.
  5. Keyboards can be a relatively inexpensive starting point, making music participation accessible.


What styles do you teach?

We specialise in pop/rock piano and worship styles. Students are encouraged to learn their own songs as we do not teach from a set syllabus. Our goal is to get students to 'jam' (improvise) to their favourite tracks so they become excited about one-day playing in their own band.



Do you hold a valid Working with Children Card?

Yes. My WWC has a notice number of 1255342 which expires 12 Aug 2022.



Do I need to pay for lessons by the quarter?

No. In keeping with our objective of making music tuition accessible, you do not need to pay for lessons by the quarter. We do however require that lessons are paid for prior to or at the time of each session. Our methods of payment are bank transfer or cash. If you choose the bank transfer option we will bill you by the month. View our current lesson fees here.


Do you offer discounts for pensioners and concession card holders?

Yes we do. Just let us know before booking.



Do you offer a free initial lesson?

We have found that teachers who offer a free initial lesson sometimes do so with the expectation that you pay for a block of lessons upfront. So that you can trial our service with confidence we offer the first two lessons at less than half the usual fee. This is a genuine trial with absolutely no obligation to proceed.



Do I need to pay for additional materials?

We recognise that each student has individual needs and so we do not teach from a set syllabus. Ocassionally it may be necessary to purchase commercially produced materials for  students which we incorporate into our lesson plans. The retail cost of these items are usually billed at the end of each quarter. We can also recommend many free or inexpensive apps to use on your tablet that are great for learning and also fun.



Can you come to our home?

Yes, we are a mobile in-home service.  As a local business operating in the northern suburbs of Perth WA, we currently travel to all suburbs within the shires of Joondalup and Wanneroo.  If you live outside this area but would like lessons please call as we still may be able to help.



Do you teach groups?

So that students get the most out of lessons and can progress at their own pace we provide structured individual lessons only. Longer lesson times can however be split between multiple students.



What if we don't have a keyboard or we've got one that isn't very good?

That's OK. We understand that parents may be reluctant to invest in an instrument only to find out that their child loses interest within weeks. So to get things started we'll bring a quality keyboard to you. When you're ready to take the next step we'll give you advice on what to buy taking into account your budget and needs.  We can even negotiate discounts for you with a number of quality retailers!



Is this method 'playing by ear'?

Our approach isn't stricty 'playing by ear' but we acknowledge that playing the piano is primarily an aural-based disclipine. We employ a 'playing-based' approach and deliberately delay the teaching of musical notation until students can express themselves freely on the piano. We believe this approach provides tangible results quickly and helps students to become well rounded players who gain true appreciation for the gift of music.



What if I need to cancel a lesson?

We understand that lessons may need to be cancelled at short notice due to a sickness, accident or emergency. For all other reasons adequate notice of 48 hours or more is required. We will make our best effort to reschedule a make-up lesson for you and we allow a reasonable number of cancellations per quarter. As we cater for both adult and school-aged students, our schedule does not follow the usual school term.